After being stranded by Southwestern Trains in Shepherdswell Dover Royal were great. Cheaper than Uber and much quicker. Thanks



Excellent service I always get a text with the drivers details . Drivers were friendly Jo and Samie . I will continue to use this company .

Debbie Marshall


Driver was very helpful and polite. Would definitely recommend. Especially if you have a wheelchair as I do.

Caroline Lewis


This review is about a special person that took me home. I was stuck and lost my money and phone and I didn't know what to do and was walking through dover deal road towards dover and it was 2am pitch black.. I had no shoes on and it was raining. Your driver stopped and immediately asked me if I need help and he made sure I got home safe.. it took me a while to find out who it was as I can not thank him enough!!! It's pav r21.. I was so scared and cold and he saved me even tho I had no money..

Cirsty kamden


Absolutely delighted from the amazing VIP ride I received from R21. A shofer like pav is one in a billion. Thank for taking us home xx

Tracey holland


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