I ordered a taxi on 24/6/23 for 1pm (an hour in advance). I am a very regular customer for many years and my son uses Dover Royal Taxi many times per week. We have always been happy and know many drivers now personally. All brilliant drivers. At seven minutes past 1pm my taxi was not there. I called to make sure it is coming because i HAD to be home at 1.45pm to receive my son from his special needs day centre from his transport. She, (i know her name because she called me home later from different telephone number, after the whole ugly saga. I did not want to talk to her and finished the call). She said when i called at 1.07pm that taxi will be ''five minutes''. No problem, just wanted to make sure it'll come. At 1.17pm i called again worried and APOLOGIZED for calling again but had to call i explained because of my son. She became very hostile and shouted over me saying ''THINGS HAPPEN!!'' I was saying that tell me the truth how long the taxi is/where is it now so i can call another company. She went on to SHOUT that ''If i, (me!!!) don't stop shouting she'll cancel the taxi''! She threatened me like that. Dover Royal lost a VERY loyal customer there in me. And only because of her. I hope your calls are recorded, to veryfy all i wrote.

mrs j m jordan-vasoo


After being stranded by Southwestern Trains in Shepherdswell Dover Royal were great. Cheaper than Uber and much quicker. Thanks



Excellent service I always get a text with the drivers details . Drivers were friendly Jo and Samie . I will continue to use this company .

Debbie Marshall


Driver was very helpful and polite. Would definitely recommend. Especially if you have a wheelchair as I do.

Caroline Lewis


This review is about a special person that took me home. I was stuck and lost my money and phone and I didn't know what to do and was walking through dover deal road towards dover and it was 2am pitch black.. I had no shoes on and it was raining. Your driver stopped and immediately asked me if I need help and he made sure I got home safe.. it took me a while to find out who it was as I can not thank him enough!!! It's pav r21.. I was so scared and cold and he saved me even tho I had no money..

Cirsty kamden


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